Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So it has been 2 months

Well there is a lot to talk about. Where to start? I pasted my EMT- intermediate, got excepted into Paramedic, and have a Physical abilities test on the 11 for a fire station. OK enough about me I know you really care about the other three...Oh yeah four. First off Elsie is doing great. Getting big but doing great. Lets see her due date is now Aug. 23 from Sept. 7, and she is very happy about that. The latest on the baby let us see shall we.

Top picture shows us the tongue. Second picture shows us how big. Third picture shows us his penis. Yep another HUNT BOY. Gavin Hugh Hunt to be exact. He is a little over a pound and they say this is normal. His two big brothers are excited to see him. Christian thinks he looks weird though. Tylar is just wondering why he is taking so long to get here.

Oh you want to see them do you. Well fine but you will have to see all of us then. Can you guess who is who? Cause we aren't telling!!

Elsie has Tylar, and I have Christian. GO figure, Tylar is a mommy's boy, and Christian is a daddy's boy...Today anyway. We will post more pictures as soon as we get a good camera, or get some good ones from others. And of course we will keep you posted on Elsie's growth... I mean Gavin's growth(I didn't get hit but I did get a HA HA HA your so funny). I will also let you know on my job hunt. Talk to you soon!!

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Jeff and Brenna Morgan said...

This is great! Thanks for sending me the link. I'll keep checking for Elsie/Gavin progress & more picts of your cute boys.