Friday, May 29, 2009

Belly shot as the boys see it!

This one is from Gavin( no belly but that is OK)

Christian did this one!
Tylar had to see it all:)

There is your belly the boys did it for me. I am now 30 weeks! It will not be long and our baby will be here for all of you to see. I feel like I have a lot to do before she comes, but I now it will all get done in time it has two time now! I now have a little pink in the house and I must say that is fun! With that said if you have some pink things that you do not need let me know.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May where have you GONE!

Can you believe it has been over a month since we have posted a blog. So here is the May break down.

Had a girls day out.

Then it was Mothers Day, all four of my boys spoiled me like always.

The next day was our Annaversery of 7 years and can you believe we got two nights out to eat dinner with out kids.

Have been going to a lot of yard sales to find good deals.

Have had a lot of soccer games, it is so much fun to watch the boys grow more and more in the sport. It is also fun to see Grandpa out on the field as the coach.

It happened Christian and Tylar Graduated from Pre-School.

In the middle of all this Travis injured himself at work duing a training exercise so that means lots of paper work and Dr visits. He is doing ok but is still not allowed to go back to work yet.

Speaking of DR apointments Mine are every two weeks now. I am hoping to put a belly shot on this week.

So with all that said that would be why it has been a month of no blogging. I hope to have more soon, and get back to commenting on your blogs.