Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day!

These are just a few pictures to get a taste of our morning. We have more but we picked the best for you guys. We have some from the evening but nothing says Merry Christmas like kids first thing in the morning.
This is the boys saying Merry Christmas to each other. On Gavin's first Christmas morning.
SANTA came! He didn't finish his cookies...so we did. Dad read us the story of Jesus' birth.
Grandpa helped Gavin with his stocking, or is that Santa helping him?
OH WOW! We got everything we asked for.

They all had a very good time, but I tell you what as a parent Christmas can be very draining. I think we need to rest all year long like Santa gets too. The excitement kids get makes every moment worth it. Merry Christmas everyone. We miss you all and send our love this holiday season.

Before Christmas day

This is a mix of pictures leading up to the BIG day!

Our first Picture with Santa. Yep they did it and they are the ones who wanted to go tell him what they wanted. This was awsome because they let Dad come up and take the picture, we didn't have to buy it.

Our TREE! They were so proud, they got to help pick it out, put on the lights, and put the ornaments on. Tylar is on the right, Christian is on the left.

Here are all three at Nanny's (Nora) house.

Grandma and Gavin on Christmas Eve.

Gavin's blessing

Here are the pixs I can get on here from the blessing.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

This is some picks from Thansgiving
Mom and Dad

Great Grandma

This is the kids doing Thanksgiving the healthy way Christian and Katelyn

Haley and Tylar

Felicia and Gavin
We are all good and will have more soon.