Monday, March 31, 2008

Gavin on the run.

I have a video to show you what I do 90% of my day.

We got to go outside today. These was good, but Gavin was on the run all the time we were out side. Good thing he is so cute.

Christian and Tylar get to do some bubbles. Every time I want to get a photo of the bubbles they were gone or Gavin was. I have a lot more to put on but the boys have school tomorrow and I need to get ever thing ready for that, so I will have more tomorrow.


Look at Christian's face.Gavin is going to be just like his dad.
Tylar was having fun with daddy

One happy family
I will put more on when kids are in bed.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mommy and the boys had a play day.

Tylar did this photo of mommy and Christian playing with mega bloks.
I put the kids tent up in the front room, the boys loved it. Gavin had a good time with the box.Christian and Tylar did too.
We had a fun day now time for me to clean up.

Swimming, Fun Fun.

We want swimming at the pool at the YMCA. Christian swims like fish, he was in before Travis and I got in. Tylar needs more time in the pool. Tylar would only jump in if I did it with him. The YMCA has one on one swimming lessons, I think we are going to do that this summer. Gavin had a good time but he was cold. I could not get a good photo in there but here they are.

More soon.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy spring.

It was raining when we want to Wal-mart, when we came home it was snowing. But I like these photo.
Look at all the snow. Is it spring? Sun sun were are you?

Monday, March 24, 2008

The bunny came to see us.

The bunny came to see us. Here are the baskets before the boys got them. Mommy and daddy had a good time helping the bunny.
We did the bunny thing, then we did what this holiday is all about, We want to church. I did children's ministry and when I asked the kids "what is Easter about" our big boys said "Jesus going to Heaven" this made Travis and I so happy. With all the fun that we had the boys know that there was more to it then just the bunny.

Easter egg hunt.

We did three Easter egg hunts. The boys had a lot of fun. We had a good time hearing our boys us all the good manners.

Easter fun.

We did Easter eggs at grandma and grandpa's. We had a good time and Christian sang for us. This is a video of it.

Here are some photos of the boys coloring eggs.

This was the first time for Gavin. He did a good job.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

One warm day.

We had one and only one warm day last week so the kid and I want to the park. We had a good time but we need more warm days.
As you can see in this photo of Christian there was still snow on the ground. Gavin had a good time on the slide. He did it over and over again.
It is so hard to believe that just two years ago this little man ( Tylar) could not do this.
I will have more soon.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's day

This is Christian, Tylar and Gavin's way of saying happy St. Patty day.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


We took the two big boys to a hockey game. It was a all you can eat night. The boys were real good and ate a lot. Here is how far up we were.
This is Christian and the Pepsi girl.
Tylar said "she is hot mom". They are 4, they sould not know she is hot. But they do.

Tylar and Christian's first day of school.

Christian and Tylar's first day of school was on Tuesday, They had a good week. When I went to get them on Thursday to my surprise they had homework. Yes in preschool they have home work. The Teacher let me know that the boys were one of the best kids she has had. (she has been doing this for a long time) That made me feel like a good mom. We all need that some days.
This is how Gavin is when the boys are at school. On Thursday it was a lot better.
I have a lot more to put on, I will do it when I have time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A new family photo.

My little family. I love my life.
My hubby and I. We can pretend like we like each other very will. No I am so lucky to have him in my life. He makes my life whole. God made him just for me and I Thank God every day for him.
Our world.

Heres Tylar.

Tylar what can I say. He is 4 going on 16. Tylar is our, "I want it my way or no way". I guess we had to have one like that. But the newest thing he is doing is a lot of fun, just out of no where he is saying "I love You". We new that he had a lot of love in him and now we are seeing it more and more. Prayer does work.

All about Gavin.

Gavin is 18 Months and full of a lot of boundless energy. He looks so different from the crawling baby of a few months ago. His biggest love is Mommy and food. ( ok most of all food) He likes to eat every thing you give him and that he can find.

My name is Christian.

This is Christian. He is my oldest by one minute. For some of you that do not know I have twins. Christian is a fun and loving kid. Most of the time he is very happy but he is very very did I say very sensitive. We had photos done today.