Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We have had a lot going on. We closed on our home and than we want on a family trip. When we got home we have just been doing things on the new house. I have a lot of new photos and I will get it on soon.

Monday, July 07, 2008


What is your favorite thing about yourself? I like that I am very outgoing.

What is the best compliment you ever received? The best compliment that I have received would be that I am a good mom.

If a movie was being made about your life who would play you? My favorite actress is Julia Roberts. She is so real and she also has twins!

What are 5 things you want to do before you die?
# 1 I would like to go to all 50 State. I have only been to 5.
#2 See my kids all grown up, with there own family.
#3 I would like to go back to school to get my LPN or RN. That is the one thing that I wish I would have done before I had kids.
#4 Sky dive.
#5 Scuba diving

Who do you admire most?

I would say that I most admire my dad. My dad died 7 years ago and I miss him a lot. He was the one that I could go to and know that no matter what I did he would love me. I look at my boys and I see my dad this is so funny because I am adopted. I would be one happy mom if my boys grow up to be like my dad. I want to grow up to be like my dad too:)

Who is your favorite cousin ?

My favorite cousin on my hubby's side in Ohio would have to be Brittany and Jim because they are the only ones that I talk to but I love them all.

What is the most challenging thing about raising boys, you've encountered thus far?
Will, I would say that would be the challenge of being consistent. I am trying to work on it but when I am on the phone I am not to good at it and they know it.

What's your most favorite memory at Camp?...(besides getting engaged!) I would say when I got married hahaha. When I was a kid before I was adopted I would go to camp and it was the one thing that I had to look forward to.

If you could travel anywhere in the world to visit, where would you go??!! :)) Can I go every where? If not I would say Australia.

Where about in Ohio do you live? I live in Columbus.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I am back and this is long.

SORRY we have been on vacation. I will stare with telling you about the week before our vacation. Travis' uncle came in town for work so we got to see him. The boys had a good time with him and he taught them a new thing. Can you guess what it was? It was how to put their finger in their nose. Now you can see why my boys love him (and we love him to), he is a cool uncle. Here is a photo of Christian and uncle Micah.
We had a lot going on this week. One of the big things is that Christian got his ear pierced, Yes I only said Christian. Tylar did not want his ear pierced. This made Dad and I happy because it is one of the first things that they have done different. Here is a photo of Christian's ear.

The boys also had there first hot dog and kool-aid sale. They did a good job and made $30.
Gavin helped also. He would get the hot dogs and run and eat them! I have a lot more going on but I need to go to bed so I will put more on soon.