Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More pic that didn't fit on last post

These next pics are of us during EMS week at Westerville's open house at the Fire Station. Tylar is in the bibs and Christian is in the red shirt. This was an interesting experience for all of us. Med-Flight was there and when it landed it scared the crap out of the boys. But they got over it and then wanted to ride in it.

This was right before we left.

After this they didn't want to get out and go home.

OK an update on Christian and his surgery. He ended up having double hernias. But he is doing great. He is up and wanting to run all over, but the poor guy isn't allowed to be too active for two weeks. They don't know these boys do they. I had to go get a case of duct tape for this to happen. Everything will be just fine. We are planning on going to Missouri next week for a long weekend. We are leaving on the 8 around 5ishPM and coming home on the 12. It will be...interesting to say the least. Ang, the girls, Mom, Dad, and my family are all going out. Two vans but leaving the same time. We will see what happens I guess. Oh then starting on the 17 of June Elsie, the boys, and I are going to Bountiful for reunion...I am going to be the camp nurse(yes please pray for me!!!)

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Jeff and Brenna Morgan said...

I heard Gavin has arrived! Congratulations!! Get some picts up here for us to ooh & ahh at!