Friday, May 26, 2006


OK so I wont bore you with too much talking. Quick update and to the pics. I am still waiting to hear from Liberty Township, but I did pass the physical test. As for Elsie, she is getting BIG. Wait till you see that pic. Other then that she is doing good. Now for the ones you really care to hear about, the boys are doing good. Growing like weeds, and are just as much as a pain in the butt as a weed too. We just found out that Christian has to have surgery, the Hunt gene strikes yet another Hunt boy, he has a hydrocele(aka a type of hernia). His surgery is on May 30 at 11:10. Other then that they are doing just fine. I know I know just show me the pictures. So here we go.

From left to right: Katelyn, Tylar, Haley, Christian, Felicia

Christian is in red, Tylar in Bibs, and our little Girl Dixie.

This is Mothers day May 14.

Tylar and Christian's first shave. Tylar is the top picture, Christian Is on the bottom.

These next few pictures Tylar has the bibs on and Christian has the red shirt on.

Westerville fire stations rescue engine.

Like Daddy and Kirk(our God Father)

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