Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Baylee You are a sweet little girl and we love you so. It is so fun to see how your 3 bothers try to protect you and you are only 7 months. Today I was thinking for one so small you are so strong. Most days you are so happy, you love to play. You are growing so fast (to fast) One week before you were 7m you stared to crawl and now you are every Most of the time you say Dada Dada all day long. Mommy has a lot of fun getting you ready for the day. Baylee I hope you never stop making the world bright.


Brittany said...

Go Baylee!!! That is so exciting! :) I can't believe she's 7 months old! Ah! Time is flying!

Kat said...

Doesn't it just go so FAST??? Man. It always gets me.
Grace just turned 7 months on the 15th. :) Our girls are so close in age! As are our boys. :)