Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Dear Baylee I know you are # 4 and to feel the need to do all that your brothers are doing. I was ok with the crawling but not with trying to walk. You are my last baby and I would like you to be a baby a little longer. If it makes you happy then I am happy to. So look at her go. (I am just there if she was to fall. She is doing all on her own)


My little girl is getting so big so fast, Or should I say daddy's little girl.


Becky said...

That was so amazing!! What a great video to have forever! =)

Jane said...

So cute!

Michelle said...

It's so funny - with the first child it seems that we want them to accomplish their milestones early. Then, with the next, we want them to stay little forever! She's looking good!

Kim Thomas said...

Look at her go!!!