Saturday, March 14, 2009

The boys got my Camera!

I think they did a good job but you tell me how they did.

Kids are so fun most of the time! Can you tell where we are?


Brittany said...

And look! A photo of you!! :) That's the only way we get photos of ourselves, you know?!

Cookie said...

I love the one with his tongue touching his nose. And I agree, the only pictures I have of myself are usually ones where I'm chasing my kids while they have my camera.

CissaLynn said...

Awww! They did a really good job!!!! :)
I'm guessing they were taken in the Cosi restroom (I'm pretty familiar w/it myself)!! lol!!! :))
Have a good week! Hope you are feeling well!!!

Rick said...

I was looking for the doodle, but these pictures are much better. Looks like you have a fun family there Fire.

Jaimie Kylene said...

I love your boys!

Congrats, again!!