Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy b-day Gavin.

Our little Gavin is 2. He is getting so big so fast. Gavin has a way to make a bad day in to a good day. I love to see how he is growing more and more every day but is also sad. He likes to try to did every thing that the big boys do. Gavin we all love you.
We have a lot of photos from his party I will put on SOON.


Brittany said...

and what a GREAT party it was! :) We had a blast!! :)

Love you guys!

Jaimie Kylene said...

We had a great time! Hope he's feeling better!

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthday, Gavin! Great picture! :)

CissaLynn said...

Awwww! He is adorable!!! :)