Saturday, April 12, 2008

I have Photos just for you.

Every time I would look at some of my photos of the boys I would think so in so would like these one. So I am going to put them on just for you all to see. This one is for Grandpa because I know he would eat his Ice creme like these if He could.
Micah and Beth, we could have a plumber in the family.
Brittany and Adam This one is just for you. If you have been to there blog, you know why this one is for them. Jaimie, My kids need a bath after dinner too.
Here Kirk you can put this one up at work.
I had a lot more but blog will only let me put five photos on at a time. But Grandma I did not forget you, I am working on a blog just for you.


Brittany said...

yay! Pants on the head. We like it!!!

Jaimie Kylene said...

awww! love it! those are all great pictures!

Micah and Beth said...

Where was that little plumber 3 weeks ago!!! Haha

Jessica Morris said...

Aww! They are CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

After having a rough week, the pictures were a joy to see! Thanks for the post, and thanks for visiting my blog.