Thursday, May 06, 2010

Baylee is 9 months.

Wow we have been so busy. As some if you know Baylee had to have her Adenoids out. I did not know a lot about the adenoids so here is some info that help me.

"The adenoids are a mass of lymphoid tissue in the roof of the nasopharynx, located just inferior to the sphenoid sinus and anterior to the basi-occiput. laterally, the adenoids blend with the lymphoid tissue of the fossa of Rosenmuller near the opening of the eustachian tube.

The adenoids are present in all infants and children, and start to regress just before puberty. They are usually absent in adults.

Large adenoids produce nasal obstruction, mouth breathing, nasal voice, snoring and restless sleep. Chronic mouth breathing during the age when the facial bones are changing toward the adult configuration often produces a high arched palate, the pinching in of the nose and a shortened upper lip, with a staring expression of the eyes. The face becomes slightly elongated and the upper teeth may be prominent. These changes are called adenoid facies.

In addition, hypertrophy of the adenoids may also produce obstruction of the eustachian tubes and contribute to the formation of middle ear"

Baylee's Adenoids were 40% bigger then they should have been, so they are out. We had to be at the hospital for one night. Baylee did so good. She sleep most of the day that she had surgery so at 12am when they came in to get her bp and tmp she wanted to play so from 12 am to 4am we were at the play room. It was a long night but she was happy. Baylee is trying to walk, she pulls her self up all the time every were. This is all I have time for but I will put more on soon! I will leave you with some photos.
Before surgery with her new toy and Daddy!
After surgery she ALWAYS needs to do It all on her own....
This was in the play room at 2am!

This was right before she got to go home.

Home sweet Home!



Micah and Beth said...

Glad everything went well! Hope Baylee feels great now!

Jane said...

So happy everytrhing went ok, what a cutie!!!

Kat said...

So glad it went so well. She is just adorable! :)