Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow they are getting so big!

I am one happy mom. Tylar got an Award at school they call it a Character Ed award and his was for Respect. Christian also got one for Caring. It is so good to see that outer people get to see what we see all the time. They have 24 kids in there class'and only 3 kids from each class got an award. Daddy and Grandpa and I got to go and see them get it the boys were happy to see grandpa and show Baylee to there friends. I hope this is how school is going to go for them!




Jess said...

Very awesome!! Congratulations to you boys!! You guys are awesome!!!

Becky said...

Elsie! Congrats on the boy's awards! That is such a wonderful accomplishment--and shows how well their parents are raising them! :)

Jane said...

My daughter would have such a crush