Friday, November 06, 2009

Baylee is 3 Months.

Every day I look at you and thank God for you. You are always so happy, you smile all the time. I love it when you and Daddy "talk". We have never had a good sleeper and you sleep all night. We have never had pike in the house and now it is every were. We have never had a blue eyed baby and for now we do. We have never had a little girl and now we do and I am loving it.

Happy 3 months my little girl.


Kim Thomas said...

She is so adorable. I am so glad that you were blessed with this little angel and I am hoping my new little one will follow in her footsteps and sleep through the night at 3 months.....

Kat said...

Oh so wonderful!!!! I can't believe it is three months already. It goes so fast, doesn't it?
She is just a beautiful little lady. And what a good girl! :)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Love the mouth bubbles!

Anonymous said...


I love checking your blog to see how you all are doing.

Sorry I can't make it for the twin's birthday this weekend.

All the kids are growing so quickly. I can't believe that Baylee is already 3 months old.

Take care. Love you all!


Cookie said...

How sweet!
3 months goes by fast!