Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Easter

Yes I know it is one week late, but hey you are getting it! We had a very good but busy Easter weekend. We went to Wheeling and picked up our "daughter" for a long weekend, the kids did 6 Easter Egg hunts, we colored eggs, we had dinner with my family, desert with Travis' family, the Easter bunny came, and most importantly we had 2 church services on Sunday.

We finally got Gavin to sit on the bunny's lap and got proof!

Our cute boys all decked out in their "Sunday" best.

One of the Easter Egg hunts.

Our Beautiful colored eggs!

In the middle of our busy and chaotic weekend we had a wonderful opportunity to teach our boys a valuable lesson about helping one another. At one of the Easter Egg hunts that we went to there was a little boy who only got one egg. So my hubby and I convinced our boys to give up one egg each. At the end of the hunt an older child came up to our boys and gave them each one of her eggs cause she said she had too many. I am always amazed at how God knows exactly how to get our attention even in our chaotic moments.

We hope all of you had a wonderful and blessed Easter!

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Cookie said...

What a beautiful story about the eggs.
And the boys look so handsome all dressed up :)