Friday, November 21, 2008


In my life I have realized that God sends special angels in human form to help us along our way. Some of those "angels" we just get to see in passing or read about. However, once in a while we really get to know them. I have been so lucky that in my life time, of only 26 years, I have had the opportunity to have many "angels" in my life. Around this time of year I especially miss one very much. When I was just four God sent a very Important "Angel" to me. His name is Dennie, and he is the man I now call Dad. I lived in one of those houses that you see on TV and hope that it is not real. My Father was an abusive alcoholic and my Mother is mentally slow and had her choice of drugs also. Our house was always dirty and we did not know when we would get food or even what it would be. During all of this God had a plain, he sent a church bus to my house. My parents quickly put us on the bus so they could do their thing. In this old small church is where I meet Dennie. He always had a smile on his face and know how matter how dirty I was he always had a big hug. Dennie and his wife Nora came and got me most weekends and summers from the time I was 5 till I was 14. At 14 I went to live with them. Dennie helped teach me to cook, to drive, and most of all how to love and be loved. At 19 God need this Important Angel back in heaven. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss him. But at Thanksgiving and Christmas time it is very hard for me because he made these times special. What helps me make it through is to know that one day I WILL get to see him. Even knowing that I still wish he was here to see his 3 grandsons and what a great husband and father Travis has become. So to my Blog friends treasure your "angels" everyday.


Jaimie Kylene said...

That was very nice, Elsie. I'm sure you miss him greatly, but it's wonderful how you remember him know that you'll see him again, one day!

Kat said...

And I am sure that your angel is so proud of you too. He must be so happy to see that you are such a wonderful mom, and after all that you've been through. You are amazing, and I'm sure that your children and your children's children will see you as their angel too.

Brittany said...

Oh Elsie... That was beautiful. I am sure Dennie thought of you as one of HIS angels, as well. How wonderful that God sends you those angels, when you needed them! It's amazing how well HE knows us! :)

We love you!

Rick said...

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Jess said...

I hope and pray that one day I can be an angel like that to someone who needs it. Right now I need an angel. I have tears.

Micah and Beth said...

I didn't know your story until now. It's truly a testament of what people can do when they show love and commitment to a child. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing.