Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Look How far We have come!

Our boys are 4 1/2 today! So I thought these would be a good time to show you the old hospital photos.
This photo is Christian at 2 days old:(This is Christian at 4 days old.
This is Christian now. Look how big he is.
Tylar at 2 days old:( (sorry that this is not a good photo ,but the only one we could get at the time. He was not doing good in this photo)Travis calls this Tylar's gollum photo.
Just look at that face!
The things that the boys can do at 4 1/2.
1. Say there ABC's
2. Count up to 15
3. Spell there name (will Christian can spell Tylar's name)
4. write there name
5. They can dress them self
6. They know there colors(most)
7. They LOVE to sing.
8. They are all about Gavin.
9. Doggy swim and go under the h2o
10. Read to Gavin.
Our boy are getting so big:(


Brittany said...

So sweet! They have certainly grown! :)

Krystyn said...

What progress! They have grown and changed a lot!

Jaimie Kylene said...

It's amazing how quickly they grown up! I remember when you were pregnant at camp and my wedding, visiting them in the hospital, and their first birthday! How can they really be 4 1/2?!

CissaLynn said...

Time does fly!!! My baby will start kindergarten this fall!!!! I still can't believe it!!!! How long were your babies in the hospital?
Loooove the pics!!!! They are handsome little guys!!!! :))

Karen said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog. These pictures are amazing. I have always thought it would be so hard to have premies. Sounds like they are doing good now though.