Monday, February 04, 2008

Life is good

Everything is going so good. Travis has a job in the field that he loves, I have three jobs that let me be with the kids. No one is sick, thank God. Most of all God has given us the opportunity to be parents to three beautiful boys. I just wish that I could learn to live in the minute a little more, and not worry about what is going to go wrong. So many times in my life when everything is going good the devil comes in and messes it all up. In my case it is usually something to do with money. I have given myself a goal which is to try to look at all the good things in my life and have faith that when the devil comes in that God will be there like he always has been. Lets move on...this is a picture of Gavin going to the potty we had to put it in the front room because he was going to the potty, "playing," every 15 minutes. He is so proud of himself when he finally goes.
This is a picture of the kids at the super bowl party.
Gavin is on Bella's toy.
Felicia and Tylar.
Felicia and Christian.
More soon.

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Brittany said...

aww what cute pictures! :)

Satan knows just how to attack us, doesn't he? I go through the same thing, all of the time. Just pray, and you'll get through it!