Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow and Santa

No matter how much we feed him he still eats every thing. Including snow...no it isn't yellow.

We tried to tell Tylar the snow was cold but he wanted to see for himself.

Christian just started makeing snow angles with out our help. He just said "mommy look at what I can do."

This look tells you everything. "I AM DONE, IT IS COLD!"

Yes it is true Christmas time is near. The boys got to sit on Santa's lap the first day he was at the mall. Christian and Tylar were excited to tell Santa what they wanted. Gavin had to be bribed with candy, but he did it with out any tears.

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Jeff and Brenna Morgan said...

Wow! They are getting so big! Now that Gavin is walking, life is moving fast I'm sure! Stay warm!