Monday, June 11, 2007

Is It True Am I Really Done!!

It is true, I have not only graduated from Paramedic class but I also PASSED my registry exam. So that makes me a Registered Paramedic. That also means I am completely done...for now, till I go back and get my degree in my field( Elsie says that will be in a few years though, me getting a Job and her through school then my turn again). Here are some pictures that my interest you.

Yes that would be Tylar walking with me to get my certificate.

This is just a few of the 20 I graduated with. 16 were from my original class of 24.

Cake anyone, we had cake and drinks(ice tea and lemonade =))

This is Carolyn(EMS coordinator for CSCC), myself, and Chris(my Paramedic instructor)

There it is!!! Well this is only to say he got through school...I will post a picture of my cards and what not when they make it in to my hands.

Look out fire departments here comes Travis!! =P

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Jaimie Kylene said...

Congrats Travis! That's awesome!!