Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christian's newest foot wear

I guess Christian wanted to be one up on his parents at an early age. He is the first and hopefully the last in our family to have a broken bone. He was playing at McDonald's when the bridge jumped up and got him. OK so he slipped and got his foot stuck. We had an eventful Thanksgiving week...weekend.

This was Wednesday after our first visit to the ER. He has a nice hard splint on it.

This is Thanksgiving Day no more hard splint. Yep we had to go back and this is what the ER gave him this time. Nope not done yet!

Monday came along, a trip to the Orthopedic surgeon and yet a third type of new "boot". He is now in a "soccer ball" cast for at least 3 weeks.

More Pixs and updates to come...Hopefully this weekend.

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